Business Area/Performance

Hyundai Electric & Instrument CO., LTD. (Hyinstel) is building new value.

Information & Communication Construction

In the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, which is characterized by hyper-connectivity and super-intelligence, as the boundaries of existing industries disappear rapidly due to the rapid development of the ICT industry, we are doing our best to achieve flawless quality for system establishment, design, construction, and maintenance in telecommunications sector with various R&D and advanced technologies.

Business Performance construction title/construction firm /business owner/construction period
NO. construction title construction firm business owner construction period
20 Ministry of Defense Haenam Duty Stand New construction under construction Communication work Armed Forces Financial Management Agency 2021.06~2022.12
19 Yeonggwang Gitjae Tunnel Establishment Information and Communication Corporation Yeonggwang County, South Jeolla Province 2021.10~2022.12
18 LGchem Yeosu NO.2 Complex Project electricity(instrumentation) AREA-1 GS Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd LG Chem Co., Ltd. 2019.07~2021.04
17 LGchem Yeosu NO.2 Complex Project electricity(instrumentation) AREA-3 GS Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd LG Chem Co., Ltd. 2019.07~2021.02
16 Jinseong Girls' High School Multi-purpose Classroom (Audio-Audio Room) Extension Jinseong Girls' High School 2020.02~2020.08
15 Telecommunications Corporation in Yeonggwang Cultural Center Yeonggwang County Office 2019.05~2020.03
14 Intelligent transportation system (ITS) illegal state stop CCTV cooperation work the finance minister of Yeosu City 2019.12~2019.12
13 2019 Wildfire unmanned surveillance camera performance improvement work the finance minister of Yeosu City 2019.10~2019.11
12 Telecommunications Construction in the remodeling of Samsan Police Box in Yeosu Police Station South Jeolla Provincial Police Agency 2019.08~2019.11
11 Gwangju Metropolitan Police Agency Suncheon Branch Office Extension Communication Corporation Gwangju Regional Procurement Service 2018.11~2019.07
10 ADL PROJECT [ADL PROJECT Heavy Electricity Works PKG1] Medium Communication Works Hanwha Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd Hanwha Total Co., Ltd. 2018.06~2019.01
9 De-Aromatization Solvent Project중 전기계장공사(Package2) 중 통신공사 (주)한화건설 한화토탈(주) 2017.11~2018.11
8 Telecommunication Construction during the construction of Songji Police Box in Haenam Police Station South Jeolla Provincial Police Agency 2017.12~2018.10
7 Lotte Versalis SR Project/Electricity, Instrument Corporation PKG1 Hyundai Engineering Co., Ltd Lotte Versalis 2016.01~2017.06
6 2nd Yeongdong Expressway 6-hole electric work / Designated Tunnel 1 and 2 Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd The 2nd Youngdong Highway Co., Ltd. 2014.08~2016.12
5 Jinseong Girls' High School Meal Room Reconstruction Communication Corporation Jinsung Girls' High School, Jeollanam-do Office of Education 2015.04~2015.10
4 Emergency broadcasting and CCTV installation of Bonghwangsan Recreational Forest Yeosu City Hall 2014.09~2014.12
3 Communication work during the replacement of security monitoring facilities of container pier at stage 2-1 of Gwangyang Port Yeosu Gwangyang Port Authority 2014.07~2014.10
2 Communication Work during Test Facility Construction of Korean Launch Vehicle Propulsion System Korea Aerospace Research Institute 2013.03~2014.06
1 National Health Insurance Corporation's Naju branch office building construction new construction, telecommunication construction National Health Insurance Corporation Gwangju Regional Headquarters 2013.05~2014.05