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Hyundai Electric & Instrument CO., LTD. (Hyinstel) is building new value.

CEO’s Message


We sincerely
welcome you to Hyinstel.

Since our company was founded in 1989, despite going through difficult business conditions such as the foreign exchange crisis at the end of 1997 and the global financial crisis in 2008, by working under our slogan of 'Let's take a step forward,’ with the management goal of 'creating the finest corporate culture’ and the company motto of 'Safety first, technological improvement, customer satisfaction, and a frugal life,' all of our executives and employees have been involved in various plant constructions in the fields of petrochemicals, oil refining, and power generation in Yeosu, Daesan, and Ulsan National Industrial Complexes, and have put their best efforts into successful plant construction and regional economic development through steadfast safety management and technical management in the electricity, instrumentation, and automatic control sectors of construction, which are at the heart of plants.

In the future, we promise to work continuously to strengthen our professional education in response to the rapidly changing technologies in the field of electricity, instrumentation, and automatic control, and improve our technology to become the finest company that can guarantee satisfaction to our customers based on our continuous passion and spirit. As the entire Hyinstel family, we thank you once again for your deep interest and support for Hyinstel.

  • CEO of Hyundai Electric & Instrument CO., LTD. (Hyinstel)
  • Shin Dong-ho
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  • Shin Seok-hwan