Company Introduction

Hyundai Electric & Instrument CO., LTD. (Hyinstel) is building new value.

Company Overview

Hyinstel is a leader in the field of plant electricity, instrumentation construction, firefighting, and information & communication

Since its foundation in Jan. 1989, over the past 30 years Hyundai Electric & Instrument CO., LTD. has emerged as a leader in the field of plant electricity, instrumentation, firefighting, and information & communication based on its passion, ambition, and sincere responsibility, and is now expanding into the field of new and renewable energy, including solar power generation, making company-wide efforts to be reborn as a company that contributes to the development of industrial complexes and local communities through the creation of the finest company culture.

Construction Capability in 2021

46.7 billion

Annual Implemented Workforce


Serious Accidents (after establishment)




Company Information

Company Name

주식회사 현 대 계 전

Hyinstel Instrument & Electric CO.,LTD.

579, Yeosusandan-ro, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do (Jungheung-dong)
Shin Dong-ho, Shin Seok-hwan
Establishment Date
Jan. 10, 1989
License Qualification
  • Electric Construction Business No. Jeonnam-00187
  • Professional firefighting facility construction business No. 2000-7 (machine, electricity)
  • Information & communication work No. 610072
  • Certificate of Overseas construction business No. 180
  • Certificate of Trade business (Class A) registration No. 15006138
  • Mail order business (No. 2011-Jeonnam & Yeosu-0019)
  • Software business (B11-390531-001)
  • Certificate of specialized new and renewable energy company (No. 2009-3215)
  • Certificate of Korean engineering business registration (No. E-05-000334)
Business Type
Construction, manufacturing, wholesale and retail, services
Type of Business & Key Business Areas
  • Electricity, instrumentation, firefighting, information & communication construction
  • Electricity and instrumentation maintenance
  • Production and design of various panels
  • Sales and delivery (delivery and repair of heavy electric equipment, electricity/instrumentation equipment)
  • Supervision of electrical construction and design of electricity and instrumentation
  • Solar power generation construction
Status of Certification
  • Quality Management System
  • Environment Management System
  • Safety & Health Management System