Company Introduction

Hyundai Electric & Instrument CO., LTD. (Hyinstel) is building new value.

Company History

2021 ~ 2011

  • Acquired KOSHA 18001 certification for safety and health management system | Korea Occupational | Safety and Health Agency

  • Won annual unit price contract with LG chem. Ltd. for electric & instrument construction for Yeosu area

  • CEO Shin Seok-hwan was inaugurated (independent representative)

  • Received instrument construction order from S-OIL RUC PJT

  • Certificate of Korean engineering business registration (No. E-05-000334) | President of the Korea Engineering Association

    Electric & instrument construction order from Lotte Versalis SR PJT

    Won KEPCO's high-voltage unit price contract

  • Risk Assessment Certificate (No. 14-41-C-66) | Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency

  • Received certification as a company specializing in underground distribution (No. 5000-2013-046) | Regional manager of Korea Electric Power Corporation Gwangju-Jeonnam

  • Certificate of Technology Innovative Small and Medium Business (INNO-BIZ) (No. 120406-00881) | Small and Medium Business Administration

  • Annual unit price contract for electric and instrument construction order from Hanwha Total Energies Petrochemical

  • Registration of Mail order business (No. 2011-Jeonnam &Yeosu-0019 | Yeosu Mayor

    Software business registration (B11-390531-001 | President of the Software Industry Association

2010 ~ 2001

  • Completed construction of Hyinstel Daesan company building

  • Information & communication business (No.61000725) | Governor of Jeollanam-do

  • Registration as specialized company in new and renewable energy (Solar, wind, geothermal energy) | Ministry of Knowledge Economy

  • Won annual unit price contract with Daesan Hyundai Oilbank for instrument construction

  • Won annual unit price contract with GS Caltex Corporation for electric & instrument construction

  • Acquired environmental safety system ISO14001:2015/KSA14001:2015 certification

  • Acquired ISO 9001:2000 certification

  • Acquired certification of uninterrupted power construction | Korea Electric Power Corporation

    Won annual unit price contract with Yeocheon NCC for lighting replacement and repair

  • Certification as qualified maintenance company for Yeosu thermal power plant

2000 ~ 1989

  • Renewal of professional firefighting facility construction business registration (No. 2000-7) (machine, electricity) | Governor of Jeollanam-do

  • Renewal of electric construction business registration (No. Jeonnam-00187) | Governor of Jeollanam-do

  • UAE overseas expansion (R/M Project)

  • Certificate of Overseas construction business (No. 180) | Minister of Construction and Transportation

  • Opened Hyinstel Seoul Office

  • IAcquired ISO 9002 certification

  • Received firefighting facility construction business license (electricity: No. 97-19) | Governor of Jeollanam-do

  • Completed switchboard factory in Yeosu National Industrial Complex

  • Certificate of Trade business (Class A) registration (No.15006138) | Korea International Trade Association

  • Electric Construction Business type 1 (No. 2439) | Ministry of Trade and Industry

  • Corporate conversion of Hyundai Electric & Instrument CO., LTD.

    Annual unit price contract with Hanwha General Chemical Co., Ltd. for electric construction

  • Annual unit price contract with LG Petrochemical Co., Ltd. for instrument construction

  • Established Hyinstel (Electric Construction Business type 2: Jeonnam No. 111) | Governor of Jeollanam-do

  • Agency of Hyundai Heavy Electric Co., Ltd.

    Established Hyinstel Engineering